Sunday, March 31, 2013

Message #27 - Anger Is An Energy Suck!

You may be young and strong – a bundle of energy – an “I can do anything” type.  Good for you.

Or you may be, let’s call it, more mature – older than the young studs/ladies.  Not quite the same as 20 years ago, but not bad.

It doesn’t matter.  Young or old.  High energy/Low energy.  Sometimes you get mad.  And when you do you pay a price.  There’s a cost.

Because Anger is an Energy Suck!

You can see it in the other guy.  Watch somebody go off, rant and rave, get pissed.  After the outburst has run its course, how does he look?  Wiped out.  Drained.  Tired.  Like it or not, the same thing happens when you are the ranter.

So is it worth it?  And if it isn’t, what can you do about it?  Not get mad when you’re mad? Pretend you’re not angry?

That won’t work.  You can’t stop yourself from having an emotion when you’re in the grip of the emotion.  But what you can do is realize what’s going on.  Rather than being consumed by the emotion, unable to think beyond it, you can take a look at yourself and notice the effect it’s having on you and those on the receiving end of your anger.

Wait!  What if you are the one on the receiving end of your anger?  How can that be?  Easy.  By being angry and suppressing it.  Stuffing it.  Suppressing your anger is like filling your insides with corrosive acid.  It’ll eat you up.

When you’re in the midst of being angry the idea that you’ll pay a price for your behavior isn’t what you’re thinking about.  I know that.  Quite the reverse, you’ll seem energized by all the stuff that’s spewing out of you or gathering inside you.  It may even feel good in the moment.

All that is a temporary phenomenon.  When you’ve finished you’ll feel it.  Because Anger is an Energy Suck!

So, you say, I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.  I’ll suffer irrespective of whether I express my anger outwardly or inwardly.  Yes you will, unless . . .

There’s another possibility too.  It may be that if you can see yourself behaving irresponsibly you’ll put a halt to it.  Maybe – just maybe – sounding off or suppressing isn’t the best way to achieve what you’re trying to achieve.  So let’s say you stop talking or yelling or stop suffering silently.  Now you’re headed toward a double payoff, a perfecta.  You won’t have to clean up the mess your anger creates in your relationship with – whoever.  You’ll also preserve your energy.

You may think your warehouse of energy is limitless.  Wrong.  No matter who you are you have a finite amount of energy.  So conserving it, not wasting it frivolously, is a smart thing to do.

Be the first in your crowd to recognize that you don’t have to allow anger to get you by the throat.  There are other ways to express yourself, to get what you want.  And so do yourself a favor – be smart . . . Because Anger is an Energy Suck!


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