Thursday, March 07, 2013

Blog Comments!

Every day I receive several emails informing me that an anonymous person has commented about one of my posts on this blog site.  I am asked to either post the comment or reject it.  Sometimes the comment is gibberish.  Usually it is a complement about what I’ve written meant to lure me into posting the comment.  Inevitably, such complements are accompanied by a link to a blog site promoting this that or the other thing.

I never post these comments.  I reject and delete them.  I do happily post comments made by people who have something useful to say about the post in question.  It doesn’t matter whether the writer agrees with me or not; what is important is that they are furthering the conversation.

I suspect that these anonymous comments are phishing expeditions never seen by a real person.  I don’t know what the mechanism is that makes it happen.  Sometimes the comment is about a recent post; often it references a post from months or even years ago.  It’s an annoyance that seems to be happening more and more frequently.  So far it isn’t enough of a disturbance to cause me to abandon this blog site, so I shall continue in the hope that those of you who actually read these posts find them thought-provoking.


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