Monday, April 08, 2013

Death Dominates the News!

Go to an online news source or read a newspaper or watch one of the TV news channels and what do you get?  Death Dominates!

A building collapses and kills dozens.
A drone strike takes out 1 bad guy and 8 children.
Teenage suicide bombers blow up a police station.
An angry ex-employee uses two assault weapons to get even.
A hit-and-run driver leaves a mother and baby dead at a busy intersection.
Texas executes another convicted killer.
The son of a well-known minister commits suicide.
An ex-football player dies an early death because of brain trauma.
Jealous boyfriend slaughters his girlfriend and her family.

And on it goes.  Am I surprised?  No.  Is this stuff really what people want to know about?  Yes for maybe the most dramatic bad news, but not when it dominates.  Will it change anytime soon?  Not a chance.

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