Friday, June 15, 2018

In Case You Missed It!

A former Walmart store has been converted into a warehouse for 1,500 boys ages 10 to 17 who were caught crossing the border illegally.

The New York Philharmonic still requires female musicians to wear floor-length gowns or skirts.

The new Malaysian Prime Minister is 92 years old.

To create a good impression for World Cup visitors, the Russians are giving smile classes to railroad workers.

A new report by the U.S. Geological Survey says 39 high rise buildings in San Francisco are not built to withstand a big earthquake.

Italian prosecutors have dropped a sexual harassment case because they concluded the woman he allegedly groped was too old to be distressed by his advances.  The woman is 53.

As fighters backed by Saudi Arabia pushed toward the Yemeni port city of Al Hudaydah in what could be the bloodiest battle of the Yemen war, the Saudi Crown Prince was busy in Moscow attending the World Cup opening match with Vladimir Putin.  Russia beat Saudi Arabia 5-0.

In a travel diary he kept in 1922 on a trip to Asia, Albert Einstein wrote:
            “The Chinese are incapable of being trained to think logically.”
            “Chinese don’t sit on benches while eating but squat like Europeans do when they relieve themselves out in the leafy woods.”
            “The people in Ceylon do little and need little.”
            “The intellectual needs of Japan seem to be weaker than their artistic ones.”


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