Monday, December 05, 2016

Sports Preferences!

I hope Tiger plays well and is competitive in 2017.  He’s doing a good job on himself and his game and putting some excitement in the game would be good for us fans.

Big mouth Jim Harbaugh should concentrate on coaching and stop complaining/blaming.  I’m glad Michigan won’t be in the final football four.

Good news the Santa Clara 49ers continue to go down the toilet.  Also good news that the Raiders continue to win.  Bad news that there is talk of using public money to bribe the team to stay in Oakland.  Let them accept the bribe from Vegas and help make Sheldon Adelson richer.

I’m positive about Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool, but you’ve gotta love watching Bournemouth come from being down 3-1 and win 4-3 against Liverpool this weekend.  11,000 fans in the smallest Premier League stadium went crazy and millions around the world had a smile on their faces.  Klopp was gracious in defeat.

Speaking of smiling faces, the Warriors continue to light it up.

Some people are upset with Nico Rosberg for winning the Formula 1 championship and retiring.  I say good for him.

Sorry that the dour Scot Andy Murray will go into the new year ranked #1.  I wanted Novak to beat him.

Finally, for you Sumo lovers: I’m not thrilled that Kakuryu won the Kyushu Basho (I would have preferred it be Harumafuji) but I am happy that Goeido failed in his run for promotion to Yokozuna.  Failed badly, actually, finishing with only 9 wins.  I’m mellowing on Kisenosato.  I’m OK with him winning one of these days.  Watch Shodai – he’s the real deal.


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