Sunday, October 16, 2016


Lunacies for today:

The State of Nevada choosing to spend $750 million of public money to build a football stadium in Las Vegas – ostensibly to lure the Oakland Raiders to a site near the Strip. 

Republicans thinking that Donald Trump is going to change.  Hey guys, the fat dude is 70 years old.  Ain’t gonna happen.

Arrogant human beings who think they can control new machines that are smarter than we are.  Some day in the future we’ll become extinct.  Before that we’ll become irrelevant.

Assuming that the basic operating principle for rich people who give megabucks to politicians is something other than “what’s in it for me.”

Thinking that religious extremists, whether they be Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu or any other such group, can be beaten on the battlefield.  A war of ideas cannot be won with guns.

Underestimating the current wave of right wing populism that is sweeping through the world.  The idea that it can’t happen here is as valid as the conclusion of those who dismissed Hitler as ‘not likely’ in the 1920’s.

And related to this, thinking that the people who are at the low end of the growing income disparity we see everywhere are going to meekly accept their fate.  Beware!


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