Friday, October 07, 2016

Should I Care?

As I went through the news this morning a recurring question kept coming up: Should I Care?

Should I care about the endless stories exposing Trump’s business history?
Or whether Salesforce buys Twitter?
Or that oil has gone up to $50 a barrel?

Should I care whether Cam Newton plays on Monday?
Or about the statistical comparison between the Giants and Cubs?
Or how bad the Niners were?

Should I care about Hurricane Mathew?
Or ratification of the climate treaty?
Or flooding in Bangladesh?

Should I care about horrific killings in Aleppo?
Or Kunduz?
Or Kenya?

Should I care about horrific killings in the Bronx?
Or Washington?
Or Chicago?

Should I care about Nat Turner and “Birth of a Nation?”
Or the new show, “Divorce?”
Or whether the case against Cosby gets dismissed?

Should I care about the latest election polls?
Or who won the last debate?
Or who will win the next debate?

It’s endless, isn’t it?  I don’t have the time or the interest to care about everything.  So do I care about what I think I “should” care about?  Do I care only about what calls to me?  Do I let cynicism rule and care about nothing?  Or should I just be grateful that I have these choices?  I like this last one best.  Gratitude wins!


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