Saturday, July 30, 2016

Coming Up!

The Premier League football season in England begins in two weeks.  It seems like they just finished last season a few weeks ago.  Why?  Because they just finished last season a few weeks ago.

The rest of the election season is already here.  Usually there is a break between the conventions and Labor Day.  Not this time.  The dirt will continue to fly nonstop from now until Nov. 8.

No end in sight for the carnage that kills and maims innocent people around the world every day.  Looking for a safe place to hide?  Sorry, folks, no place is safe.  So there is no point in changing your vacation plans.  Just go ahead and live your life.

The Zika virus continues to expand its reach.  Not a surprise.  Globalization isn’t limited to economics.

More summer movies are on their way.  Any “don’t misses” among them?  I’m the wrong person to ask.  Last time I got out of my chair and went to a theater was to see “Avatar.”  I’m happy to wait for the “don’t misses” to come to a TV set near me.


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