Saturday, June 04, 2016

Random Thoughts!

Bay Area sports reporters are writing as if the Warriors have already won the NBA championship.  Premature.  There are games left to play and it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.

In two days it will be the 72nd anniversary of D-Day.  How many people are there who remember what they were doing on D-Day?  How many people even know what D-Day is?

There is a consensus among the pundits that Hillary Clinton’s recent speech in which she eviscerated Trump’s claim that he is ready to be President and questioned his mental stability was a turning point and now she’s on the right path.  I’d feel better if the pundits had been right in recent times.  Although I agree, it was a very effective speech.  It’s like with the Warriors, though, there are more games to play.

VICE continues to produce outstanding coverage of important stories.  This week, highlighting the heroin epidemic in this country and focusing on the U.S. program to modernize our nuclear arsenal, were the most recent examples.

Season four of “The Americans” will soon be history.  It has been a great series, and I’m happy it will continue for two more seasons.

The plight of refugees worsens every day.  Camps lacking medical supplies, food, and basic services.  Women and children killed in the crossfire.  Thousands drowning trying to reach safe havens.  And there is no end in sight.

More corruption news from FIFA.  Blatter and his two key sidekicks paid themselves millions more than they were supposed to get.  They used the corrupt system they established and followed the self-serving rules they set up to cover their tracks.  How sweet it would be if these guys went to jail. 


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