Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Random Thoughts!

Cruz and Fiorina deserve each other.  It’s a challenge to decide who is the most repulsive.  For those of you who have naughty bedroom minds and a vivid imagination – shame on you.  Ugh – what a thought!

I learned from the movie, “Sherpa,” that these mountain people, many of whom depend on Mt. Everest climbers for their livelihood, have had a rough two years.  After an avalanche in 2014 the season was cancelled.  Last year an earthquake hit Nepal just as the season was beginning so there were no climbers.  I hear there will be a season this year, but with perhaps fewer foreigners than in the past.

I hope Steph Curry is a fast healer.

I’ve watched Charley Rose’s recent interviews with Obama.  Setting aside agreeing with him or not, given all the recent talk about whether his wannabe successors appear presidential, he does exemplify the demeanor and mastery of substantive knowledge a president should have.

I was in Syria in 2009, two years before their civil war began.  We had a wonderful time in Aleppo, the scene of much destruction and carnage as opposing forces fight for control of the city.  I keep wondering what it is like today in the part of town where we stayed and spent a lot of time.  I’ve tried to find out, so far with no success.

I went to my first ballgame of the year last week.  ATT Park was, as always, glorious.  I had my traditional Louisiana Hot Link and Anchor Steam beer.  Everything enjoyable except the game.  We lost!


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