Monday, April 11, 2016

Sports Report!

Giants go down 5 in the first inning and come back to beat the Dodgers 9-6.  Go Giants!

Warriors beat San Antonio in San Antonio for the first time in forever and tie the record for most wins in a season.  One more to go.  Go Warriors!

Leicester City continues its improbable run for the Premier League title, leads Tottenham by 7 points with 5 to play.  Go Foxes!

Juventus has a 6 point lead over Napoli in Serie A, heading for its 5th Scudetto in a row.  Go Juve!

Jordan Spieth’s meltdown in the Masters was painful to watch.  Biggest collapse in golf history?  Probably not, but its right up there with the best/worst.

Hakuho, with the best record in Sumo history, should retire.  He’s bored and irritable.  Soon his bad behavior will destroy his legacy.  It’s time go, Hakuho!

Is it just me, or is there little interest in the upcoming Olympics?  Maybe a little of both.

Ken Burns’ new film on Jackie Robinson airs tonight.  I hear Jackie’s wife, Rachel, figures prominently in the story, which is appropriate.  I knew her when I lived in New York back in the day.  She is, indeed, extraordinary!

U.S. women soccer players are asking for equal pay.  Seems they are paid a fraction of what the men get.  No surprise there is inequality here.  I think what players, male or female, earn should be a function of revenue they generate.  If the women bring in more bucks than the men, they should be paid more.  Less they should be paid less.  Like it or not, in life we are not all equal!


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