Friday, June 17, 2016


Routines are a blessing and a curse.  They are useful insofar as they support us in doing useful things.  They are not useful insofar as they lock us into rote behavior that becomes a matter of “I have to” rather than “I’m choosing to do this.”

I notice I have many routines:

I read three newpapers in the morning.
I watch Charley Rose every day.
I make lists of things to remember.
I alternatively read two books at a time – one fiction and one non-fiction.
I alternatively watch two lectures a week from two of The Great Courses syllabus.
I am consciously grateful every day for my blessings.
And more . . .

Every once in a while I step back, look and assess these routines.  Am I their prisoner?  Should I change my ways?  Looking at oneself can be an exercise is self-justification.  Its easier not to challenge my assumptions than it is to take a hard, honest look.

In the end I can’t know for sure whether I’m really telling the truth to myself.  But that’s no reason for not trying. 

On the other hand, deep introspection is not necessary.  I can simply ask myself, “Does this routine give me pleasure?  Is it satisfying?”  If the answer is “Yes,” I’m probably on the right track


Blogger steve said...

I'd say given your history & status in life you're definitely on the right track

7:02 AM  

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