Friday, June 24, 2016


A bad move for Britain and Europe.  An unnecessary political risk by David Cameron has come back to bite him in the ass, so it’s appropriate that he lose his job.  The trouble is that his arrogance and stupidity carries with it a lot of collateral damage.

England’s love/hate relationship with the continent goes back to Roman times, so its no surprise that dissatisfied Brits want to take out their frustrations on their long-term scapegoat.  The trouble is, is won’t help.  In that sense it is the same phenomenon as angry Americans opting for Trump as an antidote to a dysfunctional government.  Won’t fix the problem.

In the short term this vote will result in some chaos and disruption.  Later, one can hope, self-interest and common sense will lead to ways in which life will go on – until the next stupid move unleashes a new cycle of foolishness.  It’s hard not to be cynical about people learning from the past and not repeating it. 

And so it goes . . .


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