Thursday, December 01, 2016

An Empty Bucket!

Not long ago (knowing I’ve made travel a priority) a friend asked where I’d like to go in the coming years.  Good question – and I realized I hadn’t given it much thought.  Did I have a travel bucket list I’m working on?

What came to mind first were places I’d been that I would enjoy visiting again:  Bhutan, Iran, Turkey, Peru, Borneo, Laos, Myanmar, and many more.  For sure, returning would be fun, but I wouldn’t say that any were in a “Must Do” bucket.

What about places I’d been to many times, like India, Japan and Italy and had a clear affinity for?  In recent years I’ve noticed more of a pull to return to my favorites than to go someplace just because I’d never been there.

Last year I had a wonderful return visit to Japan where in the past I’ve lived and worked.  Earlier this year I returned to Sicily to visit my Italian family for probably the 30th time.  And in February I’ll be traveling again to India, where I’ve also lived and worked and feel a special relationship with.

It seems I do have an answer to my friend’s question after all.  While new places and exotic adventures are wonderful, as I near my 84th birthday I clearly have a preference for concentrating on the people and places I love the most.  So in that sense my bucket may seem empty, but in fact is filled to overflowing with what is best in life.


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