Monday, November 07, 2016

Sports Respite!

Today is a chance to talk about anything other than the election.  I choose sports.

The Santa Clara 49ers lost their seventh in a row yesterday.  What a shame!  Go Raiders.

Bob Bradley, first American manager in the English Premier League, has three losses and a tie in his first four games in charge of Swansea.  Calls to get rid of him are growing louder.

Andy Murray is now rated #1 in tennis.  He won’t be there for long.

Dale Earnhardt was pulled over for speeding.  He should do more of it where it’s legal.

The glow from the Cubs lingers.  Well deserved.

Speaking of the Cubs – Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow blasted Cub Manager Joe Maddon for bad decisions in the postseason.  Comments may be justified, but Kruk came off seeming petty.  And Maddon, after all, did win.

Can anybody beat Alabama.  Hope springs eternal, but not likely.  Roll Tide?

Tiger’s back next month.  Good for business and the fans.  I hope he does well.

The Warriors are not off to a great start.  Two losses already.  What’s going on, guys?

Juventus is still on top in Serie A.  Go Juve!

And my buddy Keefy is in Seventh Heaven because Leeds is up to 6th in the Championship.  Go Leeks!


Anonymous Keefy said...

Go Leeks!

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