Monday, October 31, 2016

Eight More Days!

Some people think that we’ve only got eight more days and the election will finally be over.  The ugliness will be behind us.  We can move ahead.  We can focus on something else.  Good luck!  Those people are dreaming.

Yes, the voting will be over.  But the ugliness, mean spiritedness, dysfunction, politics as usual and dissatisfaction will not have gone away.  Senior Republicans are already talking about impeaching Hillary Clinton and she hasn’t even been elected yet.

The post-election agenda includes threatening to shut down the government, preventing Supreme Court confirmations, filibustering, preserving the second amendment “by any means necessary,” deporting brown-skinned illegals, etc., etc., etc.

America as an ideal that many of us have treasured is on a slippery slope headed in the wrong direction.  It may a take a while, but unless something changes we’ll likely get to where we’re headed – no longer a promise of what a land of freedom and opportunity looks like and/or (and maybe a worse fate) irrelevance.

After eight more days we’ll just be getting started.


Blogger steve said...

How long before the books & movies come out. A more bizarre election could not have been scripted . The whole thing turns my stomach & I don't even have any pepto.

4:15 PM  

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