Thursday, May 09, 2013

It Never Stops!

Partisanship has been a staple of politics forever.  But these days the practice has risen to a whole new level.  It is partisanship uber alles:
n  Partisanship over the good of the country
n  Partisanship over common sense
n  Partisanship over integrity
n  Partisanship over what the people want
n  Partisanship over solving problems
n  Partisanship to make the other side look bad, no matter what . . .

It is fair to accuse the Democrats of being partisans.  But they’re not in the same league as the Republicans.  Totally outclassed in the world of partisan gamesmanship.

McCain discussing Syria is all about what Obama should have done/what he isn’t doing/what he’s doing wrong.  It’s about scoring political points, not constructive criticism or coming up with solutions.

It’s the same on the Benghazi witchhunt.  Gotta find someone to blame.  Gotta prove there’s been a coverup.  Gotta prove Obama’s lying.  And certainly gotta make Hillary look bad.  Put it in the treasure chest to bring up against her in 2016.

Everywhere you look it’s the same.  On the budget, on the deficit, on immigration, on gun control, on the environment, on abortion, on same-sex marriage, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum.

It never stops! 


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