Saturday, February 14, 2009


At about this time of year we try to remember to visit the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park to see the magnolias in bloom.  The goal is to see them at their peak.  Until this year we've never succeeded.  We've either been too early or too late.  After missing out last year we vowed that next time would be different.  And it is.

We had a plan, and thanks to some rigorous time management by Sandra we've made it happen. We'd begin weekly visits to the park in mid-January and continue until most of the petals had dropped from the trees.  

It has been wonderful.  A few weeks ago buds were beginning to open, pink ones.  A close look at the thousands of still-to-open buds was a promise for the future.  Each week it gets better and better.  Some trees are in full bloom.  The white magnolias,  for reasons I don't understand, are later but also beginning to bloom.  My guess is that next week will prove to be the height of the season, but we shall see.

I assume the trees bloom at different times every year, depending on temperature, rain, sun, etc.  So it's not possible to say this date or another will for sure be the best.  We noticed that there was a docent-led walking tour a week ago advertised as the walk when the trees would be at their best.  But of course we experts know that wasn't to be the case.

The glorious camelias and rhodedendrums, also in bloom, are added bonuses.  Springtime in the park (well I guess this is pre-Springtime) is a season of wonder and beauty.  If we're smart we'll do a repeat performance next year.


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