Thursday, February 12, 2009

Taking Stock

I've been tongue-tied recently.  Or I could call it writer's block.  Whatever - every day I think about what I have to say and every day I don't say it.  So this is more to say something than it is to say something I'm dying to say.

Usually my first thoughts are about what hasn't pleased me:

--  The stimulus bill is too small and relies too much on tax cuts.
--  The state budget is 14 weeks overdue and those jerks in Sacramento can't get their act together.
--  A-Rod used steroids.  So what else is new?
--  The Israelis had an election.  Anybody wanna bet this will change anything?
--  David Beckham would rather play in Milan than return to L.A.
--  In Africa, children are dying from food poisoning and war and more.
--  Missile strikes kill innocent civilians.
--  Obama hasn't moved fast enough on this or that or the other thing.
--  Etcetera, etcetera . . .

And then I remember what pleases me and what I have to be thankful for:

--  Sunrise and the bridge were beautiful this morning.
--  Sandra and I celebrated 35 years together this week.
--  My new HD TV is stunning.
--  I received messages from many good friends recently.
--  I enjoy a safe, tranquil life.
--  Our plans to visit Iran and Syria in April are moving ahead.
--  I will celebrate my 76th birthday in 11 days.
--  I am bathed in countless blessings.

I realize that what upsets me are mostly things about which I can do little other than be upset.

I also realize that what pleases me are so many items close to home - and I am thankful. 


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