Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Scandal Mongers

The media is all atwitter.  Did you hear, there are tapes of Rahm Emmanuel talking to someone about Obama's Senate seat?  Did you hear?

The assumption is there must be something bad afoot.  Will it taint the President-Elect?  Did he know about it and when did he know it?

What bullshit!  I'm willing to admit that there is always the possibility that someone has done something wrong.  But for these scandal mongering journalists to start panting and drooling at the prospect is disgusting.

I am not surprised that the anti-Obama right wing is in a frenzy.  They're like a group of Great White Sharks feeding on chum.  That's to be expected.  If the situation were reversed, the anti-Republican left would be after the same chum.

Hold it a second, guys.  It's the world of politics were talking about here.  If Obama's people were not interested in who will take the empty seat they wouldn't be doing their jobs.  And that includes making suggestions about people to consider.  Get a life.  Go back to looking for smut about Britney and Paris Hilton and stop wasting my time.


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