Sunday, December 07, 2008

Twitter Generation

There is no doubt.  I'm from a different universe than the Twitter Generation.

My first clue should have been when I began to hear references to Twittering.  I didn't know what they were talking about.  I figured a Twitter was some sort of text message that was the fad du jour. Maybe a way to sell more iPhones or Ipods or I-something or other. 

Full disclosure: I've never sent a text message.  I'm computer literate and I have a cell phone. But I use the computer mostly for email, surfing the Internet and writing documents.  I don't use it for regular online chats or instant messaging my favored friends.  And I use my cell phone when I'm in the car and need to talk to someone.  I have the most primitive type of cell phone. It doesn't take pictures.  It isn't a wireless device that connects to the Internet.  It doesn't play music or deliver babies.  It's just a phone.

Back to the Twitter.  I read an article the other day and it told me everything I'd want to know about Twittering: how to do it, who to do it with, why to Twitter, the whole nine yards.  Finally, I was informed, up-to-date, and could resume my life as a regular person, not an old fogey.  I can even Twitter if I want.

I don't want.  Why would I want my friends and/or the world to know what I'm doing or thinking every minute of the day?  And why would I want to know they're on the way to the dentist, or going to sit down on the toilet because they took a laxative last night, or the nasty way that ugly lady on the street looked at them?  Ridiculous.  Not interested.  A total waste of time.

Can I understand that others, especially young people, would think I'm beyond hope?  Yes.  But I don't have a couple of hundred friends, classmates, co-workers, buddies, family members, etc. with whom I'm in touch on a regular basis.  For me, about a dozen in all categories.  That's it. And I'm happy with that.  We don't need to Twitter to feel connected. 

Like I said, I'm from a different universe than the Twitter Generation.  And proud of it!  


Anonymous Sandra said...

You are definitely back.
3 days in a row????

1:37 PM  

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