Thursday, September 04, 2008


Leading up to Sarah Palin’s speech to the Republican Convention, the experts were saying how difficult it would be for her to give the kind of speech they thought she should give. I didn’t think it would be difficult at all.

It was very simple. She should introduce herself and let people know where she stands on the various issues that confront us. If she did that effectively and powerfully she would have gotten her job done.

I thought I’d end up disagreeing with her on the issues. Also, based on what I’d heard, I thought I’d end up with some degree of affinity for her. I didn’t think I’d change my assessment about McCain choosing her. It was a cynical move, designed to appeal to women, especially Hillary Clinton women. And it was an irresponsible move insofar as he was setting us up to have President Palin succeed him should he die or be incapacitated. I don’t care how the zealots spin it, no way should that woman be president.

Well, she did introduce herself. She didn’t talk much about issues. She took the attack-dog low road and spent time snarling at and ridiculing Obama. She gushed about how wonderful John McCain is. I could have guessed her handlers would make sure she took this approach, so that wasn’t too surprising.

What did surprise me is that I ended up with absolutely no affinity for her. She seemed (dare I say it?) comfortable in the bitch role.

I know the convention crowd loved it. Of course they would. And I imagine there are plenty of people around the country who loved it. About that I’m concerned. Buying into this cynical, irresponsible choice would be a mistake. Electing this pair would be a disaster.


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