Tuesday, September 02, 2008

News Summary

In case you’ve fallen behind on what’s happening in the world:

1. The news about Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol confirms that drilling has already begun in Alaska.

2. Benazir Bhutto’s widower, Zardari, a thief who gives corruption a bad name, will be confirmed as Pakistan’s new President on Saturday.

3. Globalization: Yesterday, the Thai owner of the British football team, Manchester City, sold the club to a group in Abu Dhabi, who immediately bought the Brazilian star, Robinho, from Real Madrid in Spain.

4. In order to pretend they were on top of managing Hurricane Gustav, Bush and Cheney cancelled the speeches they were supposed to give at the Republican Convention. You decide whether that’s good news or bad news.

5. In Japan, the young Russian sumo wrestler, Wakanoho, was thrown out of sumo after being caught smoking pot. Good riddance. The guy was a jerk anyway.

6. Vehicles that run on natural gas are popular in Utah. Reduces one kind of pollution; increases another. To skeptics this story smells fishy.

7. Of the top eight women’s seeds in the U.S. Open four are Russian; two are Serbian.

8. There are reports that dinner was late at San Francisco’s Slow Food Festival this past weekend.

9. And Burning Man was put out by a sandstorm.

10. Scientists report that living is bad for your health. Bummer!


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