Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Not Happy With the Drift

I keep waiting for Obama to break through. It hasn’t happened yet. I’m not happy about it.

Given that:

The economy is in the toilet
Unemployment is up
Real estate is down
Gas prices are up
The war is unpopular
The current president is even more unpopular
The Republican candidate is an out-of-touch, unimpressive doddering old fool wedded to the past
People want a change
The Democratic candidate stands for change
In most states Democrats are in the ascendancy.
Etc., etc., etc.

Obama should be up by 20 points and rising. But depending on the day and the poll he’s only slightly ahead or dead even – and stagnant.

I can find reasons to explain the situation, but whether they are accurate or not is irrelevant. Because the explanations don’t help.

It’s possible that my natural inclination to avoid overconfidence is skewing my perception. I hope so. So I ask myself, could the American people really choose this cranky old fart McCain? Given our history, the answer is a resounding “Yes they could.”

I look at him and think, I’m older than he is but this guy looks like he could be my father. And I shake my head in disbelief that we could end up electing another disaster. But I know it is possible.

Maybe I should just go to sleep for the next few months and hope for the best. Not likely. I can send Obama another contribution. At least that will make me feel like I’m doing something useful. Sounds like a plan.


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