Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm Back #2

It's been more than two months since I posted a blog comment.  Shame on me!

I had excuses - of sorts.  When you last heard from me I was about to leave on a 3+ week trip to Italy.  Then I was back for a little more than a week and went away again for 8 days, to Vegas and Sedona with our friend Pam to help celebrate her 60th birthday.  Then I was focused on getting my Dear Old 97-Year-Old Mum moved to a new apartment.  Then I was consumed with getting a new computer up and running (still consumed by that project), which has been more challenging than normal since I changed from a PC to an Apple.

But all my excuses notwithstanding, I want to get back into posting regular blog pieces and continuing with the other writing I'm doing, so today is about getting started again.

So much hads happened during these past two months.  We got Obama elected.  Yes!!  I was very nervous on election night - until Ohio went for Obama and I knew it was a done deal.  I could hardly believe it.  And the Democrats did well everywhere.  Yes!!

Watching my net worth plummet as the economy has gone into the toilet has been an unpleasant experience, with a large bit of helplessness thrown in.  In the good old days there were places to hide, like overseas.  These days there is no place to hid.  It is definitely globalization at work.

I can still count on Stewart and Colbert to keep things in proper perspective.  I can still count on real football to satisfy me more than the American variety.  I can still count on my wine cellar providing taste delights.  I can still count on my overlook of the bridge and the bay being a stunning sight.  I can still count on the Lovely Ms Marsh to provide wisdom and balance in my life.

Not bad, huh?

OK, I've stuck my toe back into the blogosphere.  More later . . .


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