Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow in San Francisco

I've lived here for more than 30 years.  I've seen it get cold, even though some visitors will tell you it never gets warm.  Once I even recall seeing a thin layer of ice on a small puddle of water.

But snow?  No way.  When the thought has occurred to me I've thought of the hills that are everywhere and how impossible it would be to navigate on snow or ice.

All this changed this morning.  Shortly after I got up I heard what I thought was heavy rain bombarding our skylights.  That couldn't be rain, I thought, too much noise.  Must be hail.  It was still dark outside but when I looked out I confirmed that it was in fact hail.

Or so I thought.  When it had stopped I looked out again.  Now we were closer to dawn, so I could see.  My street, Green Street, was covered in white.  If this was hail it was sticking.  It wasn't thick, but it was thick enough so that tire tracks stood out clearly.

I looked at the roof on the house next door.  A lot of white.  This was more than four hours ago and some of it is still there.

Amazing.  Snow in San Francisco.  Must be because of global warming.


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