Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Comments

1.  Much as I hate to side with Republicans on anything, the arrogance and partisanship of some Democrats, especially in the House, is self-defeating and, as the Republicans are saying, not what the American people want - or the President either for that matter.  Barney Frank may be the most repulsive of the lot.  Even if he's right on the issues, his approach will yield negative results in the long run.

2.  And what about this new Mayor in Portland?  He admits to lying about having an affair with an 18-year-old male intern.  And just because he's gay there is a movement to keep him in office, with people saying it is homophobic to ask him to resign.  Give me a break.  It has nothing to do with his sexual orientation.  If a straight politician did the same thing there would be a clamor for his head.  Sam Adams should go.

3.  And speaking of wonderful politicians, I'm partly on Blago's side.  He's probably guilty of all kinds of nefarious things.  But again, that's not the point.  As he says, he's being railroaded by a group of self-righteous politicians who see a chance to nail him.  Let him stand trial in a real court, not one of the kangaroo variety, and see what happens.  You gotta admire his chutzpah.

4.  I was glad to see that Bill Kristol is out as a regular columnist for the NY Times.  When his column began appearing about a year ago, I read it a few times to check it out.  I found what he had to say shallow and uninteresting.  I'd love to see the Times include a conservative columnist regularly on their Op-Ed pages, a la Bill Safire or Bill Buckley (any of these guys got a name other than Bill?) but Kristol ain't it.

5.  I've been happy for a new reason every day since Obama was inaugurated.  What a pleasure it is to see policies I endorse being turned into reality.  Don't stop, O.

6.  My new HDTV is awesome.  I'm mesmerized by the quality of the picture.  Wow!

7.  I was sorry (but not surprised) to read that Netanyahu is likely to win the Israeli election in two weeks.  That's just what we need - an Israeli leader even more bellicose and truculent than their more moderate ones.  I've always believed that with time and some common sense any intractable problem can be solved.  But the issues between the Israelis and the Palestinians may be the exception.  I saw an aerial shot yesterday of the West Bank settlements.  Lovely, new islands of sticking it to the locals everywhere you look.  280,000 people live in these protected hamlets.  And they all are committed to staying there forever.  After all, God told them it's the right(eous) thing to do.

And with that, I'm done for now.  Have a nice day.   


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