Tuesday, August 07, 2018



Europe shuts down.  Lots of tourists, few locals in sight.

In New York it is the dog days – hot and humid.  Those who can afford it leave town – to the beach, the mountains, wherever.  Vacation time.

In San Francisco it’s different – cool and foggy.  Fogust we call it.  Lots of visitors in town expecting summer heat and shivering in the wind.  Mark Twain said it best:  “The coldest winter I ever experienced was summer in San Francisco.”

The baseball season is more than half over.  For laggards, like the Giants this year, .500 is about as good as it gets and there is little likelihood it will change.

The upcoming American football season is getting a lot of attention.  Real football, footie in England, Serie A in Italy, La Liga in Spain, and more start their season in August.

Even in August, political speculation is 24/7 and unending.  Three months ‘till the midterms.  How will the Democrats do?  What’s the latest tweet?  Any scandals today?  Is anyone paying attention?

The kids are still on vacation.  So August is a good month for them.  And the rest of us too – come to think of it.  Dog days?  Who says so?  It’s all good!


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