Monday, July 16, 2018


The pundits are engaged in group apoplexy this morning.  About what?  The Trump-Putin meeting and what Trump had to say about it. 

Regarding Russian interference in our 2016 election, he threw the U.S. intelligence community and its conclusions about what happened under the bus and sided with Putin.  And he did so standing next to Putin after they met in Helsinki.  He gave Putin a pass on not only the election, but everything:  Crimea, Ukraine, Syria, etc.

The only thing surprising about him behaving this way is that anyone is surprised.  Trump is predictable.  After all, this was the end of a week in which he trashed our allies, NATO, the E.U., Theresa May, etc.  It is not possible to predict the specifics of what destruction he will sow, both at home and abroad, it is predictable that he’ll do something that creates the group apoplexy we’re seeing today.

One has to assume that he does this on purpose.  I doubt he figures it all out in advance; it is more spontaneous than that.  I don’t doubt that he revels in the chaos that is generated by his actions.  So the pundits and the rest of us feed into his game.  That too is predictable!


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