Monday, July 23, 2018

Unresolved Issues!

I notice that I don’t have easy answers for some things.  For example:

I like that the younger, progressive Democratic voters are active and gaining strength.  I am concerned that their strident, uncompromising positions will turn off other Democrats and Independents and a chance to win the 2018 midterms will be lost.

My knee jerk reaction is to hate anything Trump says or does.  Having said that, and not moderating my disgust, I do think that starting a conversation with guys like Putin or Kim has merit.  Turning the traditional diplomatic process on its head, shaking up establishment thinking, may not be a bad thing.

Either/or thinking isn’t useful:
            Charter schools vs public schools.
            Trade unions vs no unions.
            Free trade vs tariffs
            Immigration/migration vs closed borders
            Medicaid vs no more handouts

The list goes on . . .

Compromises aren’t inherently bad.  I look for what I call “A mutual overlap of self interest.”  Think of two circles.  Separated from each other they are competitors.  When put together so that part of each overlaps with the other, they can work toward common goals without losing their independence.

Like it or not, we live in a “What’s in it for me?” world.  Recognizing this reality isn’t a bad thing.  It allows me to acknowledge and retain my self interest and allow for yours as well.

Check it out!


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