Wednesday, January 09, 2019

In Case You Forgot!

I was curious about what might have happened on this date, January 9, in history.  Here’s some of what I found:

475 - Byzantine Emperor Zeno is forced to flee his capital at Constantinople.

1296 - Earl Floris V signs accord with French King

1317 - Phillips V, the Tall, crowned king of France

1349 - 700 Jews of Basel Switzerland, burned alive in their houses

1431 - Judges' investigations for the trial of Joan of Arc begin in Rouen,    France, the seat of the English occupation government

1760 - Afghans defeat Marathas in battle of Barari Ghat

1839 - Daguerreotype photo process announced at French Academy of Science

1909 – Ernest Shackleton as part of the British Nimrod Expedition reaches a record farthest South latitude (88°23' south)

1941 - 6,000 Jews exterminated in pogrom in Bucharest, Romania

1959 – “Rawhide” with Clint Eastwood premieres on CBS TV

1969 – First trial flight of the Concorde supersonic jetliner

1991 – Baseball officially bans Pete Rose from the Hall of Fame for betting on baseball

2007 - Apple Inc CEO Steve Jobs announces the iPhone

Everything you wanted to know, right?  Have a nice day!


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