Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Does it surprise you:

That right wing governments are turning up all over the place?  Hungary-Poland-Italy-Brazil-Turkey-Myanmar, etc. etc.  And of course, in the United States – or at least on the way.

That homelessness is pervasive in my lovely San Francisco?  For decades local politicians have toured the Tenderloin, witnessed the drugs, debris and despair, wrung their hands at it all and failed to come up with viable solutions.

That people around the world don’t trust their governments and institutions?  Why should they trust when corrupt and self-serving “leaders” are running things?  When income inequality is on the rise?  When they work hard and don’t see the fruits of their labors?

That church attendance is down?  That schools are underfunded and overcrowded?  That an average family can’t afford to buy a house?  That there is an opioid epidemic?  That climate change goals are not being met?  Oops – stop seeing the glass is half empty you say?  Sorry – that’s just the way it looks from here.

Is there hope for the future?  Sure, hope is always possible.  Trouble is, as the old proverb says:  If we don’t change our direction we’re likely to get where we’re headed!

Have a nice day.


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