Saturday, October 20, 2018

Thoughts for Today!

The Saudi explanation about what happened to Khashoggi is ludicrous.

In tonight’s game, there is one more chance to send the Dodgers home for the year.  Go Brewers!

In Yemen, 14 million people – many of whom are children – are at risk of dying from lack of food and/or bombs, and the world is looking the other way.

About the midterms, they say all politics is local.  Dems better hope that’s true because at the national level they have neither a compelling narrative nor leader.

Why does it seem like every Saturday I read that the Israelis killed more and more Friday demonstrators on the border with Gaza?  Why?  Because every Friday more and more people are killed.

Watch “Leave No Trace,” a wonderful film.

I see that Apple is offering a new OS for Mac – Mojave.  From what I’ve heard I see no reason to hurry and download it.


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