Monday, November 19, 2018

Got My Attention!

These have got my attention today:

They say they have a way to stop the 58-story Millennium Tower from sinking.  Right!  Seems like we’ve heard this story before.  Good luck to them.

The Warriors have lost three in a row.  The dynasty needs help to stop it from sinking too.

The Facebook bosses are scrambling to cover their asses.  Will their incompetence and duplicity keep them from sinking?  Let’s hope not.

The Argentine submarine that sank a year ago has been found and family members want their loved one’s remains brought home.  It is 2,975 feet down in a deep canyon.  Maybe ‘no can do’ says the navy.

Trying to keep their governments afloat:  The Brexit-burdened Theresa May in Britain and the corrupt Netanyahu in Israel.

Michael Bloomberg has donated $1.8 billion to Johns Hopkins University.  Now that’s a serious gift.

My favorite from the Bad Poetry Contest at Columbia Univesity:

Your pith in my nails
As I peel you, stinging juice
Squirts into my soul

From “A Story of Unrequited Love in 5 Haikus,” by Dylan Temel


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