Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Election Post Mortem!

While I was happy the House flipped, I noticed that overall I was not thrilled, since there doesn't seem a clear repudiation of the path we're on.  And the real game changers, in Florida, Georgia and Texas, all lost.  My mood improved when I read what my friend Sheila posted on Facebook:

Celebrating the incredible victories of these Democratic women of color. Her story was made tonight — the youngest person elected to Congress; the first Native American woman—and the first openly gay lawmaker—to represent Kansas in Congress; the first Somali-American Muslim woman in the House and the first woman of color to represent Minnesota in Congress; the first Black Congresswoman from Massachusetts, the first Native American woman to represent New Mexico in the House; the first African American woman to represent Connecticut in Congress; and the first Palestinian American Muslim woman in Congress. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Then, when I looked at more election results this morning I saw some bright spots.  Walker in Wisconsin lost.  Rohrabacher in Orange County lost.  The Democrat in Nevada flipped a Senate seat.  And more . . .

Onward . . .


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