Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year?

Reasons to be happy that 2016 is almost history:

Finally, we can put a terrible political year in the U.S. and elsewhere behind us.  That’s the upside.  The downside?  There’s no reason to think it’ll be different in the future.

Too many great people died this year.  Was it really worse or different than other years?  Maybe not, but it seems that it was.

We began 2016 with multiple conflicts that were wreaking death and destruction on mostly innocent people.  None were resolved.  In fact, the number of active conflicts has increased.

One result?  The number of homeless refugees is at an all-time high.

Another result?  More countries are creating barriers to prevent immigrants from coming and taking steps to deport those that are already there.

The growing disparity between rich and poor is a global phenomenon that peaked in 2016.  Back in the day this would have been a formula for revolution.  Doesn’t seem to be happening now.

Assessing the human condition is an ongoing process.  Obviously, when the calendar hits a new January 1 it is a new day, but not a miraculous cure for anything.  I am willing to acknowledge that it isn’t inevitable that everything is going to get worse.  Having said that, I can’t say I am hopeful or optimistic about the future.

However, I recognize that pessimism/cynicism is not an exalted or desirable way of being.  Therefore, I am willing to be happy that 2017 is nearly upon us and would love to look back a year from now and conclude that it really was a Happy New Year! 


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