Friday, February 03, 2012


Good News: Trump endorses Romney. Mazeltov. They deserve each other.

Bad News: 74 people die in Egyptian riots after soccer match and then more in subsequent demonstrations. Not such a beautiful game when this happens.

Good News: Employment is up and unemployment is down in January. Maybe Bad News for the Republicans.

Bad News: The Occupy movement is being taken over by the bad guys. A surefire way to lose the support of ordinary people who saw Occupy as a legitimate protest.

Good News: Romney isn’t concerned about the welfare of poor people. So what else is new?

Bad News: Newt is slipping. We need a strong Newt to keep the internecine warfare going for a few more months.

Good News: 49’ers get more money from the NFL to assure move to Santa Clara. Good riddance – says the jilted San Franciscan.

Bad News: Assad keeps killing fellow Syrians.

Good News: Spring training starts soon.

Bad News: More planets capable of sustaining life are discovered. Maybe that means God doesn’t think we’re the chosen ones anymore and is mad at us.

Good News: Murdoch faces more hacking charges.

Bad News: The arrogant hubris of American exceptionalism is having a revival. False bravado is a sign of weakness. Unfortunately, pointing this out is as powerful as a fart in a hurricane.

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Blogger WiseFather said...

American Exceptionalism is the puffery used to excuse misadventure abroad and inaction at home. In a recent post I analyze the American Exceptionalism concept and contrast it with a healthy patriotism that could help unite the public against those few who are ruining America.

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