Friday, January 07, 2011

Depends On Your Frame Of Reference

I remember the first time I saw a world map made in India. The U.S. was way off to the side. India was in the middle. Every map I’d ever seen had the U.S. in the middle where, we would say, it belongs. Tell that to the Chinese, boys and girls.

So – a few things that are yawners for most Americans:

The newly elected president of the Ivory Coast is behind a barricade in his hotel, put in place by the old president he defeated so that the new guy can’t take power.

In Pakistan, the Punjab governor is riddled by 20 bullets in the back courtesy of a disgruntled member of his security guard, who is then cheered and showered with rose petals when he shows up in court.

The English cricket team beats the Aussies and keeps the Ashes.

A Hungarian will be president of the European Union for the next six months.

There is civil unrest in Egypt, Nigeria, Greece, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, and . . .

In Sudan, they begin voting Sunday to decide whether to split the country in two.

Chelsea, last year’s Premier League champions have won only two games in their last ten. Liverpool, a perennial ‘big’ team has lost 9 out of the 20 they’ve played in the league this season.

Corruption scandals in India are threatening the stability of the government.

And so on . . .

And yawners for the rest of the world:

John Boehner seems to cry every time he opens his mouth in public.

A report on the gulf oil spill blames everyone involved.

Playoffs in the National Football League begin tomorrow.

Facebook will or won’t do an IPO.

Snow removal in New York City didn’t go well.

U.S. students lag most of their counterparts in other developed countries.

We’ve got an immigration problem.

Dead birds are falling from the sky in Arkansas.

And so on . . .


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