Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Where's the Silver Lining?

The old song says to look for the silver lining. So today I looked.

In California, 37% of black high school students drop out.

The U.S. has given up trying to convince the Israelis to approve a temporary settlement freeze.

Obama has bent over again (backward or forward?) to let the Republicans have their way.

Most Americans are pessimistic about the future.

Elizabeth Edwards dies after a miserable last few years.

Bombs blow up innocent people in Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan – a daily occurrence.

Wikileaks supporters are hacked by Wikileaks haters who are then hacked by Wikileaks supporters.

English accuse FIFA of corruption. FIFA says the English are bad losers.

How are we doing? Wrapped in the silver lining yet?

Most Americans think China is the economic power of the future.

Want proof? Shanghai students recently scored highest in the world.

U.S. students ranked 23rd or 24th in most subjects.

Every week a new European country acknowledges that its economy is in the toilet.

They’re rioting in Egypt over rigged elections.

They’re rioting in the Ivory Coast over rigged elections.

After elections in Haiti, chaos reigns.

Election fraud in Afghanistan is so yesterday’s news.

That’s enough silver lining for now. Don’t want you to overdose on it.


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