Monday, December 20, 2010

Misc. Observations

Thoughts in my head this morning:

I’m surprised that ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was repealed. These days – a rare example of progress.

I’m not surprised the Republicans are holding up ratification of the new arms control treaty with Russia – for no substantive reason. Just to prove they can stick a poker in Obama’s eye.

I have mixed feelings about the courts declaring part of the health reform package unconstitutional. There is something unsettling about the government having the power to force people to buy health insurance. Couldn’t they also force us to go to church? Or prohibit us from watching certain parts of the Internet? Or decide we should wear six-pointed yellow stars? On the other hand to legally drive we need a driver’s license. We aren’t free to ignore a call to jury duty. Every day we follow countless laws. So like I say – I have mixed feelings about the health reform ruling. Having said that, I suspect that the judicial motivation is less a matter of legal justification and more a way to circumvent a law that many don’t like.

It’s ridiculous that the 49’ers, with a 5-9 record and two to play have a chance to be in the playoffs. That is truly catering to the lowest common denominator.

Jon Stewart did a good thing when he devoted his entire show to the issue of the Senate so far refusing to fund health benefits for 9/11 first responders. His outrage, backed up by testimony from four first responders who are dying, was powerful. And I hope useful.

Last week Juventus beat Lazio with an amazing last second goal. Yes! Yesterday, Chievo salvaged a 1-1 tie with Juventus by scoring a last second goal. Bummer!

When I began reading Frank Rich yesterday I was upset that he was raking the No Labels group over the coals for being like a ‘hold hands and sing Kumbaya’ bunch who lack the guts to take a stand. By the time I was finished with his piece I agreed with him. What we need is not compromisers but strong leaders, partisan or not, who have the guts to take a stand.


I watched a NOVA show on how Gothic cathedrals are built. Finally I know what a flying buttress is.

I watched the next to the last episode of this season’s Dexter (recorded earlier and saved on my DVR) and was disappointed. Too much contrivance and predictability. However, I still like the show.

And finally I watched “The Mid-August Lunch,” a very wonderful Italian film about – people.


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