Monday, December 13, 2010

Care/Don't Care

The daily avalanche of news requires choosing what to care about and what to ignore. On the I CARE side today:

Blasts kill Americans and others in Afghanistan and Iraq

More details on the tax bill

Ron Paul’s continuing political incorrectness

Credit cards are again making offers to consumers who can’t afford it

Complaints by Democrats about Obama’s policies

Ross Douthat’s comments on Tom Coburn

Football results in England, Italy and Spain

The Amir Khan/Marcos Maidana fight

Inmates in Georgia using cellphones to organize a strike

On the I DON’T CARE side:

More Christians leaving Iraq

Homelessness in L.A.

A revival in Jewish rituals for the dead

Ethnic tensions in Russia

Rahm Emanuel is or isn’t a Chicago resident

Opposition protests in Egypt

Urban planning in Saudi Arabia

Where to hold the 2012 Democratic Convention

What happens to Republican National Chairman Michael Steele

Paul Krugman’s ongoing rant about U.S. economic policies

Details about NFL games or where/if the Vikings/Giants game is played

If you’re looking for consistency in my choices – good luck. I see idiosyncrasies, my mood at the moment and an interest in unlikely topics all at work.


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