Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Cynical State of Mind

Maintaining a cynical state of mind is so easy when I am greeted by the following stories in the first eight pages of today’s newspaper:

Same sex marriage should be banned.

The police murder an unarmed man.

The Gulf oil spill is bigger than ever.

Deadly floods kill dozens.

Genital cutting is widespread among Iraqi Kurds.

Big earthquake in Indonesia.

Warning: Don’t travel to Nepal. It’s dangerous.

The news from Afghanistan is worse every day.

More (useless) sanctions in place for Iran.

Drug violence in Mexico kills hundreds in the past five days.

Ethnic cleansing against Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan.

Gaza blockade still in place.

Indonesia anti-terror police shoot unarmed suspects.

Reporter slain by gunmen in Manila.

And I’m not even half way through the front section yet.


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