Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On My Mind Today


Th The news pundits are obsessing about elections in Kentucky, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania. Relax, people. Extrapolating these results into conclusions about the future of this great land of ours is a waste of time. The people are upset. They want to take it out on somebody. Any convenient target will do. That’s not all bad.

2. Violence and bombs are everywhere. Thailand. Somalia. Afghanistan. Russia. India. And in multiple locations in the U.S. of A. OK, right, I got it. Now tell me something I didn’t know.

3. The Rigpa Glance of the Day caught my eye this morning:

“If we have lived before,” I’m often asked, “why don’t we remember it?” But why should the fact that we cannot remember our past lives mean that we have never lived before? After all, experiences—of our childhood, or of yesterday, or even of what we were thinking an hour ago—were vivid as they occurred, but the memory of them has almost totally eroded, as though they had never taken place. If we cannot remember what we were doing or thinking last Monday, how on earth do we imagine it would be easy, or normal, to remember what we were doing in a previous lifetime. Voltaire: After all, it is no more surprising to be born twice than it is to be born once.

The Giants have lost seven in a row to the Padres. Geez!

The Supreme Court rules that minors can’t be sentenced to life without parole for a crime that is not homicide. How enlightened of them

It’s cold and snowing in Yosemite Valley this week. Very unusual for late May. I’ll be there next week. Please pray/meditate/light a candle/hope for warmer weather.

I’ve been reading “War” by Sebastian Junger. An unbelievably brutal story of the year he spent with a group of American soldiers near the Afghan/Pak border.

Noam Chomsky wasn’t allowed to enter the West Bank from Jordan yesterday. I expect the Israelis to act like assholes when they shouldn’t. But sometimes they outdo themselves.

What’s going on with all these knife and cleaver attacks in China? It’s too easy to say they are copycat crimes. Even the Chinese are saying they have to look more deeply into the phenomenon. I hope they fill us in if they come up with something. We usually do it with guns, but the result is the same.

The Champion’s League final is Saturday. Inter vs Bayern Munich. I want Inter to win, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Bayern has been awesome in recent weeks.


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