Thursday, April 15, 2010

Get Over It!

I’m a white guy. I’m part of a racial minority here in San Francisco. Not a problem. I’m part of a racial minority on this planet. Also not a problem. Soon I’ll be a part of a racial minority in this country. Not a problem for me. BIG problem for a lot of white people, although they don’t talk about it too much.

Today is a big day for Tea Partiers, because today is the day our income tax is due. So it’s a good excuse to rant and rave about how bad the government is. Readers of this blog will know I’m often not enthusiastic about the government either. But to align myself with this group of mostly white social conservatives isn’t the manner in which I want to protest.

There are two turds in their punchbowl. One is race. The other is power. And they’re related. The idea that this beloved country of ours, ruled from the beginning by white men, is being turned over to the ‘others’ is more than many of my fellow citizens can take.

Get over it people. Your day has passed. You can squeal and holler, but it ain’t gonna change. And you know what? When the others take charge they will take care of their own just as you have. You can bring your guns and religion to this battlefield and make it nasty, but in the end you’ll lose.

I think all this is terrific. It’s enough to make me hopeful for the future. You betcha!


Anonymous nick traino said...

always remember that we all were born equal and that is where it stopped.
some were born into wealth, others into poverty.
some had a enviroment of failure, others had a oppotunity or opportunities await them.
some were challenged others were never challenged.
some had guidance and some had the wrong guidance
some had good role models while others had the wrong role models.
some had goals others had none.
at some point in time everything equals out and this could be the start.
two things that have always bothered me is the reference to the color of skin and the importance of stature in life may it be job title, wealth or what ever.
my simple tests for both of the above are:
1)cut someone and you will see that they all bleed red no matter of the color of their skin.
2)once you have determined how important you are in this world, there is a test that one can perform. get a bucket and fill it with water. then all you have to do is stick your hand into the water.your hand represents your importance to the world.then look at all of the water that was displaced. once you have a swollen head about your importance, remove your hand from the water, watch that void you will see how fast you have been replaced.
great thought you had
best wishes,
nick traino

5:04 PM  

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