Monday, April 05, 2010

Thoughts For Today

Final Two: Like most people I’d like to see Butler beat Duke. But after watching the semis it’s hard to see that happening.

Quake in Baja: 7.2 is big. It and more will happen here – we just don’t know when. Nothing to do but go on living life (and make sure the foundation is bolted down.)

Karzai: If you’re surprised that he is making inflammatory anti-American statements you’re not paying attention. A couple of months ago I called him a thug. Nothing has changed. The only problem is that we’ve put most of our eggs in his basket, so he’s our thug. Good luck to us.

The Vatican: They’ve mounted a PR campaign to distance the Pope from decades (centuries?) of priestly abuse. It’d be nice if this time some of the shit that’s hit the fan sticks, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

iPad: The extraordinarily positive pre-release buzz is amazing. Good for Jobs and Apple for breaking the mold. Me? I’m impressed but not standing in line. Given my current lifestyle and needs I don’t need one.

Obama: Jon Stewart says that since health care reform passed the Pres has been acting like Superman – with a frenzy of activity and announcements. Something new every day. I like it.

Footie: In my Fantasy Football game (that’s English soccer for Yanks that are behind the curve) I’ve maintained my position in the top 1.1% of the 2,301,034 teams in the competition. I’m ranked #26,013. Good for me.

Good news: Local salmon are being fished after two years without a season. I barbque wild king salmon often. I’m amazed at how something that tastes so good can be good for you.

TV Shows: There’s a current overload of good shows to watch. In addition to “Breaking Bad,” “Damages,” “The Pacific,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Justified,” “Southland,” and old favorite “Law & Order,” “The Tudors” returns this month and a new HBO show, “Treme,” promises to be good. And oh yes, I still eagerly watch “24.” I’m OK that this is the final season, but by suspending my disbelief for lo these many years I’ve really enjoyed it.

SF Police Crime Lab: Why am I not surprised that the scope of the incompetence and malfeasance at the lab continues to grow? We’re told that hundreds, maybe thousands, of current and past cases are affected. The latest? A hanger used by the lab has become home to an army of feral cats.

Finally: The Giants open the season in Houston tonight. Go Giants!


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