Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Comments for Today

A few things that are flitting across my brain:

I’m very happy “The Hurt Locker” won both Best Picture and Best Director Oscars. I liked and admired “Avatar” but appreciated and enjoyed “The Hurt Locker” more.

The idea of charging out-of-towners a fee to enter the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park is ridiculous. It won’t add much money to the city’s coffers, will be a nuisance for anyone who wants to take a walk inside, and will unnecessarily piss off visitors to our city. It’s like trying to balance the budget with a gesture.

How nice that many people in India are upset because there’s a movement to allot a third of their federal and state legislative seats to women. How sad that you need a law to partially correct an age-old anti-female bias.

We’re in the midst of an epidemic of politicians quitting or being forced out because of misdeeds. Am I surprised? Of course not. Is one party more virtuous than the other? Nope. I’m particularly amused/disgusted by California Republican State Senator Roy Ashburn. After he was charged with DUI, reports surfaced that he frequented gay bars. He then ‘fessed up and acknowledged he is gay. He then explained his 14 years of anti-gay votes in the legislature by saying he did it because that’s what his constituents wanted him to do. OK, now I get it. “The voters made me do it.”

Religion-generated fighting in Nigeria is killing hundreds of people. What a surprise. These slaughters follow are just the latest in humankind’s penchant for killing those who don’t support the right god. How do you know which is the right god? That’s easy: The right god is my god, not yours.

Big night coming. Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday morning. Yes! Daylight for an hour more. I love it. The only thing better would be Double Daylight Saving Time.

My doc, Jane Hightower, is strongly recommending I take a daily dose of tumeric. She says it does all kinds of wonderful things for the body. Well, I like it in Indian food, so why not? Besides, she’s usually ahead of the curve on stuff like this.

Have a nice day!


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