Tuesday, February 09, 2010

36 Years

February 9 is a special day for Sandra and me. It was the date on which we met in 1974.

While we have a special celebration on this day, it’s only one of 365 days during the year that we celebrate our relationship. Which may be one of the reasons we’ve gotten along so well for such a long time. We don’t take each other or our being together for granted. We acknowledge it every day with a word, a gesture, a toast, an expression of appreciation for the other, something spontaneous from the heart.

A friend recently wrote: “Sounds like you and Sandra don’t need reasons to celebrate. If you consider a new career add ‘The Art of Staying in Love’ course as an option. You definitely have the right idea.”

I’ve been asked for the secret of our success. I’m sure there are several profound and insightful answers to the question, but here are a few simple, easy-to-do suggestions:

1. Say “Please.”

2. Say “Thank you.”

3. Listen to what your partner is saying. This is especially true for men. Listen to what she’s saying, guys. Even if you’re not really interested.

4. Don’t go to sleep angry.

5. Say “I’m sorry.”

6. Be willing to compromise.

7. Don’t yell.

8. When you want to get even, resist the temptation to do what you know will inflame the situation.

9. Don’t hide your appreciation. It only takes, “Have I told you how terrific you are?”

10. Do unto others . . . etc.

Happy Anniversary to Us!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we wish the both of you another 36 years
paulette and nick

7:52 AM  

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