Thursday, February 18, 2010

Misc. Thoughts

Thoughts for this morning – in no particular order:

Negotiating a deal with the Taliban and isolating Al Qaeda is a better long-term solution for Afghanistan than any counterinsurgency strategy, no matter how enlightened.

Meaningful talks between India and Pakistan will have a greater impact on stability in South Asia than military action in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Moving further west – the killing of a senior Hamas guy in Dubai was certainly a Mossad operation. As to all of the controversy about bogus passports, disguises and using innocent people’s identities, I can’t figure out or even come up with a plausible theory about what’s going on.

Will the problems with Greece’s economy have any impact on the trip we have planned later in the year? Probably not.

I enjoyed this week’s Champion’s League games. Man U did a good job in Milan. Arsenal was terrible against Porto. Blaming the referee doesn’t change that. I’m looking forward to Chelsea against Inter next week. I think Chelsea can win but wouldn’t bet against a Mourinho-led team.

Yesterday was a good day for “USA – USA” in Vancouver. Three gold medals ain’t bad. I’m still frustrated and pissed off about NBC’s decision to put the West Coast on tape delay for major events.

I’m as disgusted with Washington – the Congress, the partisanship, the hypocrisy, and Obama’s inability to break the logjam – as people on the left, right and center. I don’t see a glimmer of hope that anything will change for the better in the foreseeable future, no matter who wins in November. I’m with Evan Bayh – it’s all a waste of time.

Spring training begins this week and hope springs eternal for Giants fans, even without much hitting.

MillerFest – a 9-day celebration of my birthday – begins today. Now that’s a good thing.

Have a nice day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

have a great birthday celebration, dan.
best reguards,
nick and paulette

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