Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gloomy Tuesday

I think it’s supposed to be Gloomy Monday, so I’m a day late. Fact is, I thought about writing this yesterday but it didn’t get done. No problem. I can resurrect the gloom.

Some crazy guy killed and hurt a lot of people at Fort Hood.

Another crazy guy killed and hurt a lot of people in Peshawar. (There’s a crazy a day in that part of the world.)

I hear that this one killed his family, that one killed his ex-boss, another one buried 11 women who didn’t die of natural causes in his house, a girl was gang raped in Richmond, and on and on it goes.

A health care bill passed in the House after the leadership caved into demands from abortion haters and the Catholic Church to put more restrictions in place.

The chance that the Israelis and Palestinians will get it together anytime soon is in the toilet. Now that I think about it maybe someone flushed the toilet and I should say it’s in the sewer. That’s on the assumption they have a flush toilet and sewer.

One of these days Obama will say we’ve got a strategy for Afghanistan and it’ll take x thousands more troops to implement it. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure we watch the situation closely with the help of our man Karzai and his thugs.

The promise to regulate financial institutions is going nowhere. So is the promise to deal with energy and global warming. Wall Street is behaving like last year didn’t happen. Unemployment and underemployment are up. So is the market, so someone’s making money. You might say that’s good news, unless you’re one of the people who’s lost your home or can’t pay your bills.

That’s enough. You get the message. Gloomy Tuesday.


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