Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shouldn't I Care?

Tonight is Game 1 – Philadephia vs the Yankees. Shouldn’t I care who wins?

I like baseball. I follow my hometown Giants closely and see about six games a year. But Philadelphia vs the Yankees? I’m not pulled one way or the other.

I have friends who care about the Phillies. Maybe I should go with them. When I lived in New York I preferred the Yankees to the Mets, so maybe I should go with the Bronx boys. I like underdogs, and normally the Yankees would be favored, which pulls me toward Philly. And I hate that the Yankees (like Real Madrid in football) have so much money to spend that the rest of us have no chance to compete, so that’s another vote for Philadelphia.

But if I look at what my heart says, I can’t get any emotion headed toward the City of Brotherly Love. I can get a little positive emotion headed toward the Bronx. If I were betting I’d go with the Yankees because of pitching. Both teams have great hitters.

I loved the Dodgers when they were in Brooklyn. That would have been an easy choice. And until I moved to San Francisco I hated the Giants. The Yankees were kind of out of that equation – unless they were playing the Dodgers.

I dropped all allegiance to the Dodgers in L.A. San Francisco versus L.A.? Puhleeze. The boys in blue are the enemy. “Beat L.A. Beat L.A.” I love the chant. But back to today’s reality. The Giants are on vacation. The Dodgers got beat by Philadelphia – easily.

So where am I left. Dunno. I won’t watch every inning, but when I do watch I’ll know where I stand. The truth will descend on me. Until then I’m in limbo.


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